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 Chronology of The Grand Realm

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PostSubject: Chronology of The Grand Realm   Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:27 am

Quote :
The Dawning: In the beginning there rested the world tree Ysgadal, and from it’s the roots and seeds sprang forth life in many varieties. From the top of it branches light shone forth and spread renewal to all things. At Ysgadal’s roots rose darkness. From the right side of Ysgadal branchs life was lush and fertile ushering forth many fruits that would one day bring life, on Ysgadal’s left side was cold with unlife. Within the world tree’s core ran the hot magic known as mana, were into a mighty river known as Gog flowed at the base of it roots.Ysgadal was cared for by a shepherds, known as Eruii (Ear-Rue) the mother of all, and Ouroboris (oroboris) the father of Night.

Eruii service was to tend the branches of Ysgadal and what fruit it bore. Ouroboris labored the roots of the world tree slowly keeping away the darkness that always a part of it.

It would be Eruii that plucked the seeds from Ygadal’s branches, bringing forth the world known as Chalice, while Ouroboris imbued it with mana from the river Gog.

Eruii along with Ouroboris birthed the Abad’Jigad, beings of elemental nature; Eruii and Ouroboris named them, Terastian the earth, Areos the sky, Liques the waters, Firmos the flame.

Each Foemor possessed one eye and each settled upon Chalice. In their wake, they began to twist the world with their very steps.

Yet even as Ouroboris watched his children he was not pleased at what he saw. He looked at his children as usurpers to the fragile balance of Ysgadal.

Ouroboris went to Eruii, and showed her the future of how the Abad’Jigad would use their power, not to create a world worthy of them, but to show her their destruct Ouroboris by their own children hands. Eruii loved her children, as any mother might, and before Ouroboris could kill them she swept them away to a private place upon the branches of Ysgadal.

The Abad’Jigad gathered knowing full well their father hunted them, and decided that the only way to survive was to kill their father.

Eruii learning of this begged for Ouroboris ’s life. Hearing their mothers plight the Abad’Jigad enacted a plan, to imprison their father deep in the bowls of Ysgadal. Thus they crafted manacles of pure mana, and as Ouroboris came forth, they wrestled Ouroboris to the ground. The battle was long, yet they managed to chain him. From the drops of Ouroboris ’s blood sprang forth the Linorms the first of dragon kind, as well as dragons. Quickly they chased after the Abad’Jigad as they dragged Ouroboris deep underneath the roots of Ysgadal, and chained him upon a root and allowed a single drop of poisoned sap to fall upon his brow forever as punishment.

Ouroboris cursed Eruii who he thought betrayed him. He cursed her to ever be at odds with her children, and to watch them always battle with his own and never find rest.

Eruii wept, and from her tears, sprang forth beings of immense light and beauty. The first was Woden Helios the eyeless for he was blind for one eye yet could tell the future, the second was Elbriani the earth mother, Talros the jester and god of luck and trickery was third, fourth came Phoria the goddess of magic, Eruii tears had fallen into Gog the mana river and she came forth with all its power and mysteries
Eruii was pleased at her new children and blessed them, bidding them take flight and wander the world of Chalice.

Unknown to Eruii, Ouroboris poison worked its magic well, for the Abad’Jigad were not pleased by their new brothers and sisters and hatred swelled in their heart, they coveted Chalice and believed that the world was their own precious treasure.

Quickly they traveled to the twisted form of Ouroboris and released their father. Ouroboris in his rage and hate began to gnaw and gnash at the roots of Ysgadal killing the world tree. The darkness of the roots had twisted Ouroboris into an evil thing, and he sent his children forth to do the same.

Eruii concerned as she saw the life of Ysgadal slowly perish, flew to her children the Abad’Jigad and asked why they had done such a thing as to release their sire. She begged them to return him to his prison, yet they shrugged and laughed, for they said it was Eruii folly that had caused this to transpire, and that she should call upon her other children to help her, for she would find no help from them.

Thus she fled to the home of the gods in branches of the Ysgadal, the seven heavens, and once again she wept.

Woden Helios went forth to his mother, and told her of the future. He knew that it was the Abad’Jigad, that had caused this pain. So he gathered the divine host, and went forth to the Abad’Jigad, and undo what trouble they had wrought.

The Abad’Jigad refused, and in there their anger they struck out the gods and the Morn War commenced. The gods and Abad’Jigad battled upon the fields of the Seven Heavens; the war was long, and the universe quaked with the blows that were given; yet in the end the Abad’Jigad were defeated , In Victory the gods then gathered, the essence and used it to create the seas, winds, and fire, reshaping the world further.

Eruii pain was deep as she watched her children war with one another. Yet she understood what needed to be done.

The gods intended to slay the great father Ouroboris and when the divine host encountered their father they were in awe by his magnificence. Great were his fangs, deep were his scales that offered him protection, his body blotted out the very light from the skies, his claws were mighty and ready to lay open his enemies.

The gods came forth with their divine host and they battled Ouroboris and his host to the death.

Many perished as both demon angle, dragon, Phoenix, and linorms fought.

Ouroboris the father of serpents flew about Ysgadal spitting flame, acid, frost, and lightening, which killed the god Horem who readied his great bow to fire. Elbriani the earth mother gathered herbow and let loose an arrow, wounding Ouroboris greatly.

The wyrm father fell through the branches of Ysgadal and shook the great tree.

Quote :
Pre Anem Y.S. The Gods gathered and decided to repopulate Chalice. With the aid of Krag the god of smithing; they go about bringing about the Aesir, (human) Nesir (dwarves) Flasir (elves), as well as Tooks (halflings). These would be the main four races of the world.

Quote :
Epoch of Silence Pre Anem Y.S. First dwarven clans of Dain appear. The elves struck with wanderlust walk the world learning about their new home. Humans still in infancy are barely able to hunt, and create fire.

Quote :
Epoch of challenges Pre Anem Y.S. First Elven Community appears in northern Aerbor. Dwarves create Durhorad first dwarven hold. Dain the second rules.Elves begin to craft Dilevunel Illuvenel the first Elven capital. Elves register three distinct elf traits, parts of Narasidien(starlight elves), Skyrasidien(Dawn Elves), and the Dimmarandien(dusk elves)

Quote :
Epoch of Dilevunel Illuvenel: Dilevunel Illuvenel, elf city flourishes, as does Dwarven cityDurhorad, each trade amongst each other and other races. Human begin first communities, Helios god of the sky gives them the power of fire and steel and to the mortal Aros Findalin. For the next several years Findalin begins teaching his people the words of Helios.

Quote :
Epoch of the Sword: Stone war out breaks between human and dwarf. This is due to the love of the elf maid Terreslene. It is the first splinter amongest the goodly races begins. The cause is the love of both Aros Findalin, and Hegrin Stonestar. Even though the elf princess Terreslene loves Aros, she marries Hegrin. It is Hegrin who acknowledges the love the elf maid bares towards Aros and allows them to marry which in turn forges a deep bound of friendship and ending the conflict.

Quote :
Epoch of the Necromancer: First elven wizard appears named Maelgathin.Creating the Cembrils, the gems of power, Maelgathin secretly wishes the elf maid Terreslene to be his wife. The Cembrils are to be his wedding gift to her. Before he can do this he knows that he must do away with Terreslene’s Husband the human known as Aros Findalin.

With a poisned arrow he attempts to kill Aros Findalin, but fails, slaying instead Hegrin the dwarf and companion to Aros. The elves name Maelgathin the necromancer, for the use of his dark magic.

In a fear Maelgathin races toward his tower known Bael N’felween (tower of no friend) and is besieged by dwarf, human and elf. For forty moons and struggle continues.

In the End Aros slays Baerastan sworgan(orc) general of Maelgathin armies he himself is struck down by a worg. Hurt and heart broken Terreslene dies shattered, it would be many years later that Maelgathin would find Terreslene spirit and bind it to him in a form known as a Banshee.

The dwarves and humans armies destroy Maelgathin forces, but the necromancer escapes.

The dwarves head westward create Durrowhallow grandest of halls.

Quote :

Epoch of the fallen:Dilevunel Illuvenel falls, to hordes of sworgan, as well Cembrils of fire, Ifril. Dwarves the aid of the Elves; first known allies, defeating the necromancer. three Cembrils disappear. Necromancer escapes.

Quote :
ANEM Y.S.–5094 YEAR WAKING DREAM: the human kingdom Palidaris, Is besieged by a flight Dragons of led by the wyrm known as Fiercestrike, and sinks into the sea.

Quote :
Anem Y.S.–4043 Epoch Raising of Phoenix: kingdom and magi,and Kar’Mageus, kingdom Sorcerers are founded. The magical kingdoms prepare for war. The Sashes of power are createdAnem Y.S. –3843 Epochs of The war of the magi

Phoenix Kingdom of Hysoril and Sorcerer kings of Kar’Mageus wage war. Oculair created as well as the Warforge. Ishue of Coradan is founded on the continent of Ifretus.

Quote :
Anem Y.S-3773: Epoch of Shattered time: Sorcerers capture and kill phoenix to power their Temporal Chronometer scepter. Sorcerers are sabotaged as they begin to chant final spell.The spell backfires horribly destroying Kar’Mageus, as well as Hysoril

One of the floating islands of Kar’Mageus plummets to the sea and creates Baelfrost. Time and magic are is sundered as Nystrail the goddess of time is destroyed when her avatar the phoenix is destroyed. Temporal distortions and gates in time space appear. Parts of Hysoril are sucked into such a gate. It takes an epoch for time to return normally, and Nystrial to reconstitute himself and from this Promvis the god of destiny is is reborn.

Note :

Note this is a Revision of the prior writing of what happened due to the effects of the Temporal Chronometer backlash-the above statement if the latest writing on what took place and should be seen as canon.

The necromancer is seen and searches for the Cembrils.

Melichior the northern kingdom of men is founded with the great cities of Heldorn, Aslhorn. Lyoness founded to the south west or Aerbor.

The Questing Dreamers led by the king Nath Argo leave Hysoril and head east pass what will later become Castillion and Escavalion. Hesperion the mage king follows after seeking to destroy Nath Argo and his band..

Quote :
Anem Y.S-3763: Nath Argo and the Questing Dreamers Settle on the shores of Cerulean sea and found Nath Aqualendi. Erect the pillars of arms, large 60 story forts constructed in the image of warriors.

Quote :
ANEM Y.S.-3753 The Questing Dreamers once more leave their homes as Hesperions horde gives chase. The Questing Dreamer Take sail across the Cerulean sea.

Quote :
ANEM Y.S.-3745 last battle between Questing Dreamers and Hesperions hordes at seas, The two armies battle at a ring of Volcanos called the fire barrens. Hesperions is slain, his horde destroyed. Nath Argo is mortally wounded. The god Auter Worldwalker comes to him in dreams and bid him tell his wizards, clerics, and sorcerers to give voice to their magic. With the help of the god the Argonathian islets are raised from the seas.

Quote :
ANEM Y.S.-3675 EPOCH OF THE DAEMONS WRAITH.The elves hunt down their traitorous folk the Maelthan (abyssal elves) and Fey (dhrow) the Dawn War begins with the sacrificing of Isildria Quicksilver the elf queen to Demons of the lower hells.

Anem Y.S.–3573: Melichior the northern kingdom falls. Galen Pallados The first knight perishs in a Duel against the Daemon General. Heldorn falls, as the Demon Prince Orcist appears through an opened gate by a foolish wizards apprentice seeking powers of the lost magi.

Anem Y.S. –3568: Aslhern falls, to the Daemon leading armies of sworgs (orcs), gyrm (Gnolls), and red caps( Poweries). The Hero’s fight Valiantly but most fall. Legendary hero, Helwin Braide one of the last knights of the sash, falls protecting the city with Callendor, the valoric blade. After Aslhern falls Callendor is lost.

Quote :
Anem Y.S. -957 Epoch of Salamaster: the shadow mage creates seven of his fables shadow rings, endowing most of his essence into them. Salamaster launches attack against the city of Lyoness, with dragons and a horde of evil creatures. He falls in battle against Nycronis Naelis in a spell duel. Both wizards seemingly perish in the fall of Lyoness, as she sinks into the sea.

Castilian is founded, as is Penticost, and Varanguard.

Quote :
Anem Y.S.–807 Epoch of Sand: First Coradani and Varanguard Confrontations. Elves create realm in Terion to the north of the Anvilweld mountains. Dwarves leave Durrowhallow, as orks and Sworgs invade. Last of the order of the Sash slain.

Quote :
Anem Y.S. -507 Epoch of Sojurn: Elves leave Aerboriduim there beloved kingdom Celos' Terion destroyed by the necromancer, and the great black dragon Velscepterivem. The Elves fleeing begin their journey east to what will become Floranthus.Dwarves create mansion greatest dwarf-hold north.
Varanguard spreads power, founds Vanis Island, to protect incursion from Coradan.

Anem Y.S. -707 The Temporial Chronometer is triggered by a group of adventures resulting in the unleashing Abad'Jigad from the Mornwar onto Chalice. Their minions battle the gods in the upheaval. Woden Helios is slain while trying to close the temporal rift creating Faris Dawnmorn, and her twin Sol Diadem. For the first time mortals take up the vestments of the gods. Several new gods are created or ascended to deity hood. At the end of the battle the Titans and Gods are locked away on their planes. It is said the Abad'jigad minions head west over the Mere Oceanus sea, to found a new kingdom. After this man trust in gods and magic wanes, and the for the first time an Age where epochs and the role of years is no more

Age of Shadows-Anem ????

Quote :
Anem Y.S. 1 Epoch Warspark: Legendary armors from kingdoms of sorcery is sort out for their wealth. a Plot to kidnap an Coradani princess, is discovered and the newly formed society of the Iron Gauntlet is revealed to be the ones responsible of what is transpiring upon the Island.The plot is defeated by adventures and the Coradani princess is saved. The adventures discover where Dilevunel Illuvenel is located, as well the Forgevault of Kar’mageus and activate them. The Warsparks once again walk the lands. the land Copperbound near the Varanguard is founded. The Gilistry is founded.

Quote :
Anem of Y.S. 107 Epoch of Cembrils: The necromancer reappears to the north it is know known that he is elf bane prophesied in elf lore. He causes their migration from the elven wood. Aquilair is founded by elves of the Lake of Storms.The necromancer encounters powerful warriors, and is almost destroyed; he flees. The Frontier is founded and the settlement war begins, at the same time the Iron war erupts between Cast ill ion and Lothfloral.

The Temporal Chronometer is rediscovered, having survived the mage war 3000 years prior. The heroes of time, battle to destroy the item, and in Anem 1012 they succeed but are lost in time for the efforts. Settlement war ends with Dimmarandien elves retreating to their mountain holds. The Iron war concludes when a powerful glamour is put on the forest, of Lothfloral, and Floral’lanthus. Most Elves escape with in.

Quote :
Anem Y.S. 1440 Epoch of Discovery: Kenneth Lions blade king of Varanguard falls sick to the night plague and dies.

Thomas Loins blade is to succeed his father but disappears looking for the lost city of Maelengroth. Prince

Erien Lionsblade, and adventures encounter and physically destroys the necromancer, and in the process losses both Cembrils.

Anem Y.S. 1441 Epoch of Discovery: Erien Loinsblade is declared king of Varanguard. Prince Ethen Brindarmour destroys Alagarick Daemon of the lower hells. Gwyneth Brindarmour captive for a hundred years by Alagarick the daemon prince is returned and is installed as queens. Ethen recovers eye of fate and controls the power of the dead god Helios and becomes a Aeon.

Anem Y.S. 1442: Epoch of Discovery:Ethen quells treason in Illustial. The Second Coradani war, between Varanguard and Coradan begins. Erien named high king of all northern Aerbor as Trinity treaty is completed with Equas and Brindarmour.

Anem 1445 Y.S. Epoch of Discovery: current year

Additional Dates

Quote :
Anem Y.S. '“4043 Epoch of Spells: Raising of Phoenix kingdom Hysoril magi, and Kar'magus, kingdom of Sorcerers.
Anem y.s. '“3943 Epoch of Rods: Valoric Blades of Selvibrim are created twelve in all, Callendor being one of them. The Sashes of power are created.

Quote :
The Blood Horde
In 1442 the Epoch of Discovery a Horde of creature are led by the Aberrations known as the Cuthalan (Mindflayers) which had appeared to reclaim their ancient kingdom of Hysoril.

Quote :
Grand War- War of Thrones
Nations of War-

1460- Having attacked Floralanthus for over several years the lord of the iron gauntlet bring their greivenouses to the lords of nations. It is here the truth of the Elven pact, is revealed. The pact between the Dawn Elves and Demon princess told to all, in the hopes that it would damage the relationship between many nations the support the elves. The Iron gauntlet calls for their destruction. The kingdoms of the west, led by Varanguard protest, while the kingdoms of the East led by Castillion Side with the Iron Gauntlet. The lords of nations breakdown, and Castillion Kadan, and Escavaliion attack Floralnthus.

1460-Prince Renior The leader of the divine faiths of Castillion is killed in route from the lord of nations to Castillion, and evidence of the attack is planted at the feet of the elves and Varanguard.

1460 Cyrgust- Vortigaan Sherev takes the mantle of bishop, and in six short months , Vortigann crushs all opposition. In secerete, Vortigaan has the aid of a powerful Demon Princes known as Asmodian aid him. Unknown to many Vortigaan is the highest lord of the iron gauntlet.

1461-The Sharev empire is born on the ashes of the elves former home.

1462- The Sharev empire, Kadan and Aided by Escavalion, the Kingdoms invade the forest home of the elves
The elves repel the attackers but know they can not hold out. The kingdoms of he west, Come to the aid of Floralanthus, but are beaten back. Castillion and the Iron Gauntlet burn near half of the forest down . The elf kingdom of Chalice is destroyed. A wave of Elves descend upon the world in number not seenh since the old days.

Instead of destroying the elves as expected, the elves expand to every part of the world.
The kingdoms of the west, once again led by high king Erien Lionsblade marches to Floralnthus. The armies of the west a dealt a crushing defeat. And are forced back to Thorn

1463- Varaungaurd takes the stronghold of Thorn. Forever more Thorn become a free city state. The war goes badly for the kingdoms of the west.

1463-Copperbound is annexed by Kadan briefly, and Castillion, take the Free Cities of Vobream's birth.

1463-battle of Vobream birth. Varanguards navy is destroyed by Castillion's mighty Fleet. The Sharev empire sweeps upon Varanguard.

The Elf Kingdom of Elrond-Terion after years of seclusion through the crafting of magic, reappears to aid the Loin-Hold.

1463-The rebellion of Gilistry occurs- many heroes fall, yet Kadan is beaten back, Talin Strongheart is crowned the golden king. He and his companions the legendary heroes of Gilsitry launch a raid into Kadan, battling their enemies Falstaff and the Iron lord. Kadan Retreats from the war.

1464-On the doorsteps of Varanguard, Sharev empire's armies are stopped with the aid of Iblin to the south, and Lyoness who has desicided to aid the west and the elf cause. The war stalemates for three months most of the fighting fall upon the frontieras The Sharev empire seeks to fight a battle of two fronts.

1464-The Oculains of Bregan Bol enter the fray, Bregan-Bol aids Varanagurd and sends their mighty fleet of ships to the western kingdom.

1464 Brail- The war turns as Corodan enters the battle. It make several deals with the kingdom of thewest to annex any territory it might win from Castillion. The kingdoms of the west agree.

1464- The armies of the west march across chalice toward Castillion. For the first time since the Phoenix wars, the Questing dreamers return from Agronesson. The questing dreams reclaim their ancient home in escavalion. The Robber Barons of Escavalion fall to the Questing Dreamers. Thane Sword-Saint take his place as lord of Escavalion. Those questing dreamers that stay aid him.

1465- Caught in a vice, The Sharev empire shudders, ands Castiliion is besieged by both Escavalion and The west.

1465-The Day of doom- Vortigaan wishes to parlaty with the lords of the thrones. Uknown to the other lords, Vortigann plots treachery. As the warring faction meet, Vortigann unleashes his masterstroke, infernals, and Abyssal elves led by Asmodian, Erupt upon the meeting. Many of the lords of the west perish in the conflict. The greatest high King of Varnaguard Falls to the blade of Votigaan. Erien Loinsblade perishes. Ethen World Walker master mage, returns upon a silver dragon and destroy most of the demonic foes and Castillion itself. Sharev empire become known as the Daemon-hold forever more. The war of thrones comes to an end as Vortigaan and his legions retreat.

1466-Fulcum Lionblade, lord of the silver arm Become high king. The great kingdom of Coradan having taken much hurt from the war finally splinters upon itself.

The Elven Expansion- The elves with no home become nomads and settle in the area north of Varanaguard known as Silverlode

The upheavel- after their battles against the Abad'jigad and their minions, they rested in order to regain their power. During this time the age of shadows began, and long did it stay. During this time great orc kingdoms flourished, and small kingdoms of men, dwarves and elves flourished, barely keeping the light of hope from extinguishing. It was during this time, one agent of the gods roamed the vast realms of the universe. The Celestials name was known as Malek and he was the first fist of Sol Diadem. The Cherubim sang and composed songs in his name so great was his fame. His was the righteous word of the god of justice, slaying Daemons from the lower hells, with his sweeping sword. For every victory won a seed festered and grew. In Celestials heart the seed of hubris grew, and as the darkness festered the want to be unto the gods grew.

Through out the age of shadows, Malek traveled through out the world, he examined those the gods seemed to care for the most. Malek looked upon humanity and saw nothing of worth. To his mind humanity was nothing but cosmic dust given the ability to breath and breed. They were unworthy of the gods love. They were unworthy of his love. Malek returned to the side of his lord, when the calls went out that the gods would soon again move upon the plains. At this time as the gods gathered strength, did the Celestials begin to plan his move. He would bring other celestial to his side, and then they would rule the universe.

Malek bided his time, until the time came upon the world of Chalice. The gods attention was affixed upon the time of the Grand war during the epoch of Discovery. With their attentions fixed upon the mortal plane, Malek would strike. With weapons forged from the deepest pits of the lower hells and Celestials marched upon the gods.

Unbeknown to the mortal of Chalice, the gods were besieged yet again, by forces that would rend asunder their very existence. To there mission the god once again set aside the tenet of their nature and knew that the great threat was know ahead. The Imortalis, wisdom was great, and their power strong, yet even those wise lords knew, that even though one Celestials could not defeat a god, but a host of celestials could. Thus the Imortalis gathered their host, and they two entered the Grand War. Form through out the world of chalice,

The Imortalis called forth their most powerful agents, and warriors to battle against the Host of Malek.

The upheaval rocked the heaven and shook the plains. Yet in the end the Celestial failed to prevail. Malek though succeeded in his quest for god hood and ascended, and was banished. Ethereian the mage and bearer of the magical artifact known as the Eye of Helios. One again Woden Helios was born from, the young powerful magic user sacrifice, and lord of rising sun once again rode the skies The universal tree Ysgadal and the many plains of existence were torn asunder, and it took the vast power of the Imortalis to rebuild as they have always done.

To the races of Chalice the gods took on a new meaning, and form many they became known a the builders, or great builders.

Those celestial that had gone against the gods were banished from the seven heavens to chalice, it is here they toil and plot to return to which they believe is rightfully their. Their new god Malek, the lord of vanity and hubris as their guide.

The Celestial that are upon Chalice have a special hatred for the children of the Imortalis. Seeing them as usurper to their rightful place in the eyes of the gods. In some ways the Celestial are a greater danger to humanity than the daemons, who seek to corrupt man, while celestial seek to destroy men outright.

It is also during the time of Grand War that t he time of the infernals, as men come to know them as appear. The Helion race, exploded from the deep fissure of nine hells, by their masters the Daemon Princes to besiege the city of Bastion, the stronghold that keeps the Daemons from entering the world. Of all the Demons captains the Helions proved the smartest and craftiest, and with their aid they pushed the defenders of Bastion to the brink. It was only through the betrayal of the Thirteen clans of Infernals that Bastion still survives. The Helions had been humans once, during the time of Malchior; it had been the Daemons that had taken them, and bred them with spawns of hell.

For centuries the Helions waited for the right time. At the peak of star light, the highest time of northern starlight, they swiftly made a pact with the people of Bastion and smashed their former masters hold upon them. After there freedom the thirteen clans of Helions departed Bastion and traveled the length of the world to explore, and seize life as they saw it.

The Warsparks During the Grand War saw major combat, on both sides of the war even as they hunted for the Artifact known as the last Matrix. Eventually they would continue to seek out the last matrix. Many settle through out the lands, helping to build and discovering another life besides war and questing.
Thus as the Grand war ended, Varanguard still stood strong, While Castlillion lay in rubble ruins, the world had once again shifted, with the dawning of a new day.

The year was 1465 the epoch of discovery, and the continuing adventure that is the Grand Realm.
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Chronology of The Grand Realm
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