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 Races of The Grand Realm 3.5/4E

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PostSubject: Races of The Grand Realm 3.5/4E   Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:31 pm

Races of The Grand Realm

Quote :
Starfolk, Unosis, Starians.

A hundred thousand years ago, before the coming of the Phoenix wars, and after man had attained knowledge, it is known that strange rocks fell from the heavens.

It was during such a time that these shards fell upon the forest that was home to the elves and their lost realm of Terion. When the elves went to investigate they found, the strange rock deep within the earth. They could not get close due to the heat the strange matter gave off.

So the elves waited until the matter cooled, when they went back, they saw strange red crystals embedded within. They were in the shape of eggs, and red in hue. The elves gathered the rock and the eggs and brought what they found to their kingdom. It was several months later, that the elves first witnessed the eggs hatch and strange gray-blue creatures come forth. The elves called these creature Unosis, do to the fact they seem to come from the universe itself.

The elves saw this as a omen and now celebrate Starfall every Vythorn the eighteenth along with the Unosis or Starfolk that live with them to this very day.

The Unosis are a unique race having come from the sky; they have translucent gray-blue flesh, and round oval shape eyes of black. The Unosis usually stand about five foot ten, and lower. Women tend to stand about five foot two inches and have a purplish hue to their skin. Like the elves they have gained an affinity for nature, and an affinity to the stars and sky above. They make good rangers and fighters, as well as clerics, and magic users.

The Unosis Racial Abilities .

Medium size.

base speed is 30 feet.

·Immunity to sleep spells and similar magical effects.
·Low-light Vision: Unosis can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.

Automatic Languages: king tongue and Elven.

+2 racial bonus in the evening to their entire dexterity

+4 Racial bonus to move silently, hide, bluff.

Innate Feat: Enhanced Listen, give a +4 bonus to listen checks

Star gaze:(SQ) this ability act as if a person is charmed, the affected must make a will save or be charmed for 1d4 round against this power. This ability can be done once per day

Star Aura: (SQ) this special ability give a +4 enchantment bonus against enchantment like spells.

Mind Speech:(SQ) this special ability allow for a Unosis to communicate with up to 1d4 people at one time, she can do this once per day

Quote :

The Oculian race was created during the Phoenix Wars as experiments. The wizards of Hysoril endowed them with great strength, and great intellect. With these abilities they became hardened warriors and magic users.

They turned upon their masters and aided in their inevitable destructions.
Oculians, as they are now called, often roam the world of Chalice seeking adventure using the many skills that they have at their disposal.
Their favorite classs are often fighters and wizards, but it is not strange to see a cleric or rouge.

They get a -4 bonus to all Ranged attacks due to their line of sight limitations. Oculians are also blessed with the gift of foresight, and often have dreams of the future and foreshadowing events. This ability gives them a +2 to all intelligence scores as well as +2 to there spellcraft checks .

All Oculians have great strength and gain a +2 to their strength score. Even the weakest Oculian gains this bonus. They are endowed +2 skill bonus to the following skills, magical device, and knowledge arcana, gather information.

Oculians are a solitary race that prefer to study, and spend their time with in the confines of their towers and studies in the pursuit of lore.

Both male and female often come together, at social functions, and sporting events, since Oculains with their great strength love puzzles and feats of strength. Their favorite sport is wind sailing upon the choppy waters of Bregan Bol their home.

Oculian mate at anytime and offspring usually are birthed sixteen month later.
favored class: Druid, Mage, Rouge, Bard, and Sorcerer fighter,
Oculian Racial Bonuses:

+2 Strength
+2 intelligence
-4 to ranged attacks due to line of sight limitations
+2 skill bonus to use magic device,
Can use magical device skill even with out training, so attuned to magic as they are.

Quote :
Man, Aesier,
Humans are the most populaces of the races of Chalice. They can be found all over the world, and across many of it lands. The skills of humans are various and many, even though they possess no special attributes, unlike many of the other races.

Besides the regular humans found on Chalice there are several off shoots two are listed below .
New Character Races

Quote :
Abilities of the Imordien
( the long lived)
+1 to constitution
+2 to initiative
- 1 to strength
-1 to dexterity
(SA) Mist of memory. The Imordien has the ability to remember and sense place, information, and things from the years gone by. He gains a +4 to his knowledge checks dealing with ancient languages and ancient history.
Imordien gain bonus 2 languages. They also gain, ancient Floral, and Malchoiric.
(SA) Shield of the Imortalis: gains a +4 fort bonus against poisons.
Has the regular abilities, skills, and feats of humans detailed in player handbook.

Quote :
The Valos (The Valoric men)
+2 charisma
+1 to wisdom
-2 Dexterity
(SA) Smite Evil; the Valos gain the ability to smite evil one per day, much like a paladin does.
(SA) Valoric cry: This ability comes forth when a Valos cries out.
In battle the Valos's warriors, or comrades gain a +2 attack bonus to their strikes.
This power last the up to the Valos's charisma bonus a round.
Because of their height the Valos gain a +4 damage bonus to creature one step smaller, than themselves.
The Valos gain all the human bonus concerning feats, skill,
and abilities as described in the player handbook

Quote :
Florian Elves  Flasir, Eliath  
          Are the walking spirits of the world, they are half coins of humans and dwarves.  They are one with the wood and all things of nature, thus the elves have been bequeathed with special gifts.  There are three elven sub types that make up the nation of Floral Elves.  
The three major races of the elves of Florian are Narasidien, Skyrasidien, and Dimmarandien.
Each Type has unique different abilities as listed below.  
Narasidien:  Starlight Elves. The gain a +1 to their dex a -1 to their strength and a +2 charisma. Narasidien elves are great diplomats, due to their great charisma and dealing with beings unlike their selves.  The Starlight elves also have unique special qualities that have made them different from their cousins, such as the power to detect magic,  

The Starlight elves tend to look at races as equals, and will often share adventures, as well as lore.  Starlight elves are adapt diplomats, thieves, as well as rangers; they again a extra +2 to move silently, hide, and search.  A Starlight elf leads the ruling house of Floral'lanthus.  
    The Narasidien are known as the elves of Starlight.  The elves, males tend to stand at least six feet, while females stand about five.  
Starlight  elves have several innate abilities
Narasidien Elves Racial Bonuses
+1 to dexterity
-1 to strength
+2 charisma
+2 to skills, Diplomacy, bluff, survival, and Search  
(Ex) Elfs Grace:Due to their  innate grace, and mastery of elements elves take only half damage when falling from large heights, or structures. They are not slowed by certain weather effects like rain or snow.
(Ex)free movment: as seen in player handbook
(Ex)Detect magic: as seen in player handbook

Skyrasidien Elves (Dawn Elves).  The Skyrasidien are the dark while the Narasidien are the light.  There skin is a light shade of tanned to pink, some share a copper or golden tinge to their complextion.
    Like the Narasidien the Skyrasidien males stand six feet.  The women usually stand at five, but have been known to stand six feet tall.  Dawn elves are know to have their own special abilities as well such a +1 bonus to their armor class, a +1 to their strength and +2 their wisdom.  They gain a -1 to their dex.  The Skyrasidien have the innate abilty to cast the spell light as if a clerics of equal level.  They gain an extra bonus of +4 skill point's ride, wilderness lore and concentration.  Dawn elves are known to be clerics, as well as fighters, and paladins.  Skyrasidien elves have several innate abilities, as well as their elven traits found in the player handboo
Skyrasidien Elves Racial Bonuses
+1 to Armor Class
+2 wisdom
-1 dexterity
Bonus feat (toughness)
+2 to skills (ride, survival knowledege  elven lore, and concentration
(Ex) Cast light :as per players hand book.
(Ex) Elfs grace:Due to their  innate grace, and mastery of elements elves take only half damage when falling from large heights, or structures. They are not slowed by certain weather effects like rain or snow.

Dimmarandien(Duskelves): These elves are the most well known of the elves, since ethey can be found almost anywhere in Aerbor.  These elves are known for their intelligence and use of magic, and sword skills.  They gain a +2 bonus to their intelligence, and a -1 consitiution. They are quite good at magic, and invention.  They are known to build seafaring ships and other magical creations.  The Dusk Elves have several innate abilities, as well as their elven traits found in the player handbook.
Dimmarandien Racial Bonuses.
+2 bonus to intelligence
-1 to constitution
+2 skill bonus to (concentration, use magic device,  and appraise )
(Ex) Uncanny Dodge: as seen in players hand book
(Ex) Elfs Grace: Due to their  innate grace, and mastery of elements elves take only half damage when falling from large heights, or structures. They are not slowed by certain weather effects like rain or snow.
(Ex) Stone Empathy: Dusk elves are able to speak to stone as if stone actually lived, this allow a +2  search while looking for traps, and secrete doors underground, or in mountainous regions.
Iron Sickeness:  This sickeness results when a cold iron object has struck an elf.  Elves suffer from this sickness and constituion drops by 3 every time struck with an item of iron.  The elf must make a 45% percent roll and over to not come down with the sickness.  If not attended quickly with Aquendel elf water, the stricken elf develops a sickly grey palor and fever that flares through out his or her body reducing constitution by one each day, until elf wastes away.  
One drought of Aquendel cures all remains of the sickeness.  The stricken elf consitiution rises by one every day.  Steel not being true cold iron is does not apply, only cold iron. Also elves tend not to use swords, made of metal.    
Thus elves tend use daggers of Oek, a special wood that can be treated to be as hard as steel, and once worked with the elven creation of Silvaril can be as hard as any human metal They and have a +2 bonus on attacks with a bow and arrow.  They can aslo specialize in two shot ability.  
Elven arrows are usually fashioned out of oek.  Oek wood ususally in high demand, but plentiful.

Upon the continent of Aerbor and toward the east past the Anvilweld Mountains, and shawl of mist, lies Floral'lanthus.   This great land of elves once boasted over more than ten different clans of elves known as the Florian.  Through hushed whipsers humans, and merchants have named the elf land, Twlight.  
     This elven nation is called Floral'lanthus the elven name for Twilight, it seems that the elven nation is at the peek of it civilization.  The elves of the world retreated to live in peace in harmony in the great elven wood.  Through great magic, and the blessing of the gods, a mist of grey white encircled their lands, barring entry to those who the elves command, or proclaimed them as elf friend, or Eliath Felween.  
It is this magic, and the seemingly disappearance of the Elves from the world, that the mention of twilight arose.  
The famous Explore, Ablethan Swiftluck but it best,  
'It will be a sad day in deed when the world weeps for the elves, the twilight of these fine folk, are the twilight of man, dwarf, and tooks .'  

Of the ten-elven clans that once hailed from Floral'lanthus, only two remain.  House Lunarim, and House Solarim.  Each clan has more than a thousand members, and continue to branch off into smaller houses.   Of the other eight, there has been brief documentation.  Many elves headed southwest towards the Shattered Sea, some near what has become known as the Frontier.
Many Florian elves traveled west as well, setting up communities in what is now known as the kingdom of Varanguard, as well as a small community in the Frontier.  They headed south as well aboard winged ships, along with but nothing more is known of them, supposedly heading further south pass the reaches of the Coradan, and toward the Glacier Sea.
As a society the elves are beings of nature, and thus are tightly bonded with the preservation of the their lives and ways.  Most records of their communal life have been lost, but what is known shows the elves as a race to have a great bonding to nature, than all of races of Chalice.
Perhaps it is their long lives, which out number humans, and some dwarves.  Or it could be said it is the past that has brought the elves together in this fashion.  
Favored class: Fighter, Ranger, Monk, Mage, Cleric, Rouge, Bard, and Sorcerer.

Quote :
Elfblooded, Eliath kindelthin
The Elf blooded have come into being with the mingling between elf and man.  Those who are born from this union are endowed with both races special abilities and adaptations.  These traits are passed on through generations, to generation, allowing many members of the family to retain this legacy. Elf Bloods posses all the abilities of the half elves of the D-20 system.  
Favored Classes: Fighter, Ranger, Cleric, Rouge, Sorcerer, Wizard, Monk
Quote :
Nieblung Dwarves, Doradun
Kragian Dwarves:  The mountain Dwarves of Chalice are known as the delvers of the earth, and the shapers of fine ores, and minerals.  Named thus due to the god they follow, krag, they are the keepers of the Deep earth and kings of the mountains.  They gain the ability of Deep Earth Tracking feat automatically.  They have a +4 appraise bonuses to their appraise skills when ever they have ores or minerals within their possession.  In their mountain domains, they gain the +4 to all search checks when in search of secret doors, or distortion underground.   Kragian Dwarves have the innate ability known as stone flesh.  
(Sa) Stone flesh:  a Kragian dwarf has the ability to turn there flesh into hard rock stone giving their flesh a bonus dex mod of +2 to ac, once per day.  This innate ability lasts for the characters level in rounds.   Once a day he can resist one class of Domain spells a day. All other features are noted in the Phb .Favored Classes: Fighter, cleric,  Ranger.

Quote :
Frohelmian Gnomes:

These Gnomes are cousins of the Kragians, and expert builders.  During the time of the epoch of spells, these dwarves in the search of knowledge fell in with the sorcerers of Kar'Mageus.  

       Working along with the sorcerers, the gnomes took to the casting of magic, and invention.  These Gnomes became master craftsmen crafting many magical items during the war of spell against the great kingdoms of magic.  When the Phoenix Empire Hysoril fell in a climatic explosion, the dwarves went into hiding.  
For many years Kragian dwarves had a disdain for their cousins. During the Divine fall, when a god death weapons wounded their god Krag, it was Frohelm that aided them, until their god recovered his strength.
The Kragian  dwarves were forever grateful, thus the hurtful feelings where mended between brothers. Know as the Epoch of Discovery dawns the Frohelmian dwarves walk Aerbor creating new magical inventions, and magics.  
Frohelmian Gnomes  gain +4 bonus to all concentration, spell craft, as well as use magical device ranks.  Frohelmian dwarves have a +6 to appraise skill when looking at magical weapons and items, as well as strange new materials and inventions.  
The Frohelmian Gnomes are known for crafting magical limbs and attachments since the Phoenix Wars. Even as miners the Frohelmian dwarves, are great inventors crafting many types of new and wondrous items.  They have also mastered the art of machine-smithing.
Machine Smithing, the secrete skill of creating constructs, and automatons, was created long ago by the sorcerers of Kar'Mageus, in their battle with flying mages of Hysoril the Phoenix Empire.  Even though few practice the skill due to the fact most dwarves find it distasteful, a select few dwarves have continued the legacy.  
The Frohelmian Gnomes worship the deity of tis lost art, and have crafted artificial limps out of Mythril silver that runs beneath the undermount.  
Mithril silver attachments, give Dwarves an additional +2 strength, +1 attack, and +3 to damage.  But due to the process the dwarves  must make a save vs. will in order to survive to ordeal.  Should the dwarf fail his save his constitution goes down by +3.
They gain the Feat: Craft enhanced limbs.
Favored Classes: Cleric, Wizard, and Sorcerer.

Quote :
Abyssal Elves: Balsair, Maliath Felor:
Their dark reddish skin as well as their facial tattoos that resemble tiger markings can be recognize by any upon Aerbor.  
Bane Elves are unique, and the markings upon their flesh bear this fact out.  The Abyssal Elves where once kin to the Skyrasidien elves , but the great rift sundered that relationship when they joined with the human mages of Hysoril.  
It was during the Epoch of the Phoenix and the Great War between empires that the Abyssal elves turned on their cousins, capturing many Dawn Elves,  and giving them into the hands of their tormentors, Daemon princes from the lower hells. This betrayal was so great, the Dawn elves gathered arms and went forth, bringing blade and death to their kin.  Few Abyssal Elves escaped with their master the daemons, but those that have, now swore a blood oath against their cousins.  
Abyssal elves may stand at least six feet tall, and are known for their strong but compact frames.  They are expert swordsmen, and many higher themselves out as mercenaries.  Those Abyssal elves that worship gods, worship the evil serpent queen Kali-Ka, and her consort Talronan the ill fated.
In terms of magic they are innate masters of the art.  They learn early the wonders of the magic, and the high potential of casting it.  They gain a +4 to all saving throws.
Abyssal elf also, can summon a familiar and are known to do so early on in their lives.
They have the ability to create an elemental of blood, and will usually carry a cask of such from a prior victim.  The elemental resembles a fairy that consists of coagulated blood.
Abyssal elf can turn magic, back at his or her attackers, by rolling a percentage of 40% should she roll under the spell rebounds back towards it's source, attack roll not needed.  The person that cast the spell then must make a save against his own spell.
They are suited, to many pursuits, and are as gifted in making enhanced limbs much like the Frohelmian dwarves.  Most elves consider this blasphemy, but many Abyssal elves disagree, and are ready to replace a limb if need be.  Like all elves they have a hate for iron thus there weapons are fashioned out of Abyssal Steel.  A dark alloy named such due to its ebony color.  When merged with Silvaril, Abyssal steel radiates with a purple light and gains a +1 bonus.  It is known that no good aligned person can touch it and cause 2d6 points of damage to any good aligned characters.
Quote :

Fey,Dael Felween
Lost in the ancient record of Elfdom, is spoken of a race of elves unlike any ever seen in upon the known world.  It is said, while Nieblung Krag, smithied the first of the races, that Talronan tricked the mighty forger.  
As Krag worked he grew tired, and asked the god to fetch him water.  To Krags folly he could not know the evil that would be worked that day.  Talronan tricked the mighty smith with a drought of water that held a potion of sleep.  While Nieblung Krag slept, a Talronan along with his daughter Daelvoth stole several of the Elves.  
As a gift Talronan, allowed his daughter the Queen of night and shadow, to give them life.  

Thus the Dael as they were once known as awoke to the light of the sun for the first time.  As their eyes fell upon the radiating orb, they cried out in pain, and scampered for the nearest shelter deep beneath the earth escaping the suns rays.  Daelvoth fumed, why had this happened?  As she gazed upon the other elves that awakened to the skies above, she saw the other creations of the gods revel in the light.  Daelvoth would never guess that the elves Talronan captured were incomplete, and would suffer from the light above, and dwell in the dark below.  

The tale of the Dael is a tale of woe and suffering.  In hate of the other races, they fought many battles against them, and gained the name Dael Maliath Felween, meaning dark enemy of the elves.  The Dael would twist it and renaming themselves the Fey.

In Anem 1112, the Heroes of time accidently, returned the Dhrow, to common day Chalice, and the Epoch of Discovery 1445.  
Doing battle in the past before the Dawn War against a large colony, of Fey , the Temporal Chronometer, engulfed both the heroes and the whole society of Fey returning them to  present times.  
As of the Epoch of Discovery, the Fey have kept a low-key approach seldom appearing above chalice.   They are still acquainting themselves to the present, and are readying themselves for the day when they will show their might.  The Fey have all the abilities written down in the player's handbook.
(Dm note; Variant rule: The Dhrow's weapons armor and magic can exists above ground with no penalties In the rays of the sun though the Dhrow take a '“2 penalty on all checks above ground.  The Fey like all elves suffer from iron sickness if near or touched by
Fey racial bonuses::
Fey retain all their
Innate abilities as specified
In the players handbook, treat as psionic
due to the unique mental abilities     the Dhrow have manifested through     their many battle with races that utilize the power of psionics deep beneath the earth.
Automatically, receive
Umbral Devil tracking feat.
Psionic (Delvic) Resistance: +4 to  saves  that are affected by Delvian mind powers (Psionics)
(As specified in the player hand book
Light Blindness: -2 to all attack rolls,  saves and checks.
+2 attack when fighter attacks with two swords.
(Note; must have two  handed fighting feat for this to apply)

Quote :
This diminutive races, was birthed from the very roots of Yssgadal itself, and are said to be composed of mana 'magic'.  That may be the reason why these quick minded, and magical creatures often find him or her drawn to magic and adventure.  It is said magic is to a Quickling what honey is to a bee, since they cannot get enough of it.
Male Quicklings stand close to four feet tall, and are lanky, while the female of their race stand at 3'5, anything larger than that will often draw laughter from the quick witted and talking creatures.  
Most can spot a Quickling by the look and sound of their gossamer like wings that help them keep aloft, as they flit from her to there.  They are quite competent in flight, and are known for their quickness.  A Quickling  gains a +2 to Dexterity, and a +1 Charisma.  Even though they are quick, they are frail, and gain a +2 penalty to constitution.  The Quickling are known for their skills.  They gain additional +2 to move silently, hide, and bluff, as well as concentration.  They gain a +4 to use magical items, and spellcraft.
Since they are magically innate creatures, they have the following abilities.   They can cast entangle, as would any mage, and they are known for their ability to detect magic. The Quickling favored Character class is the mage, sorcerer and rouge, and casts spells by charisma.
The Quickling love nature and most are content to live and flourish within the comforts of the forest.  Many live on the outskirts of elven lands, but those who are called away by wanderlust can be seen in human lands as well.
Quickling Racial Attributes;
+2 Dexterity
+1 to Charisma
-2 Constitution
Skill bonus of +2 to move silently
Skill bonus of +4 to use magical Items and spellcraft Detect magic

Quote :
Tooks (Halflings)
The took race, as known by many of the races of Chalice as halfling were said to be the last of the races created by the Divine powers.  The small folk resemble small humans, with a quick wit and a love of merriment.  They are exactly as noted in the player handbook.

Quote :
The Heralds are the gods power  upon the world.  After the climax of Divine Fall the gods were sealed upon their own planes of existence.  Fearing that their avatars would be destroyed and locked from Chalice, they sought out individuals to become vassals to their beliefs, and agendas.  Thus the Heralds where created.  
The gods made contracts with mortal for their services, thus the god would still have a voice upon the prime material plane.  There can only be one Heralds to any one god at one time, due to the immense power he or she possesses.  Those who chose to serve their god or goddess in this way, serve as vassals to their deity's power and agenda.  The Heralds can also pursue her own life, since he or she is not an avatar of said god.  Those who have made this agreement have gained great bonuses, such as long life, increased abilities, and power.  Each Aeon has a hidden weakness, and if he or she is killed, then the god they served will offer the same deal to another.
Heralds during  the time of the Epoch of Discovery are quite powerful and are the messengers, and agents of the gods.  Yet each Heralds has his or her agenda.   Heralds can only be of tenth level class or higher; most deities will not seek anyone of lower power or stature.  Heralds gain many benefits from their alliance with their Herald.  Heralds are blessed with long life, can teleport anywhere twice a day with a mere thought.  They gain a +2 benefit to all their primary stats such as strength etc. Any weapon in their possession gains a +4 enchantment.  Magical aura cancels all enchantment spells such as charm, and command.  
Heralds can also cast cure moderate wounds once per day.  It is said the only thing that can kill a Herald permanently is Iron wrought weapon, of +3 or higher.  Steel will not work because it is not true iron but a composite.
Herald Template:
At least 19 or higher  Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma
Feats:  power attack, and improved initiative,
+4 divine magic bonus to all weapons and items
Limitations: (Iron death) Heralds can be killed with a Iron wrought weapon of +3 weapon or higher.
SA: Spacial relocation:  Twice per day with a thought a Herald can disappear and reappear in the location of his choosing.

Quote :
Green Runners
Green Runners resemble short elf like beings that are often found about the plains of Copperbound, Equas and the Frontier.  These mischievous creature are often on the look out for adventure in the wrong place or the wrong time.  Green Runners often travel in bands and are adept at telling stories and tales.  It is not unknown for a to dabble in magic or sorcery, and they are well known minstrels and bards.  It is rare that they take to the fighter class, or clerical orders of the gods.  
Favored classes: Sorcerer, Mage, Bard, Minstrel

Green runner
Racial Bonus
-2 to strength
+2 to Dexterity
+1 To charisma
Feat: talent fast talk
Can't be flanked (su) the green runner can feel the presence of another thus is ready and aware.
Spell Readiness (Su) the green runner when cast upon by spell has a innate spell resistance of +4

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Races of The Grand Realm 3.5/4E
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