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 The Imortalis Gods of Chalice

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PostSubject: The Imortalis Gods of Chalice    Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:10 pm

Quote :
Faris Dawnmorn:Portfolio: Birth, change
Holy symbol: Sun with a crown and light shooting forth, twin of Sol Diadem.
Favored Weapon: +8 Morning Star of holy Smiting. (Dawn's Awakening) Credo: 'Change and birth are the, ways the world continues to change and evolve.'

When the Goddess known as Faris Dawnmorn sprang forth from the dead god known as Helios, she became the symbol of rebirth. Light ignited in the skies over chalice, at her birth. Garbed in full plate armor, and spear known as Rebirth, all those who witnessed her glory fell to their knees and pledge loyalty instantly.

Relatively a new god, she holds the power of the greater god that she birthed from. Her clergy even though small is renowned, as a force of good, change and rebirth. She is venerated mostly in the lands of the north, such as Varanguard, Equas, and Brindarmour. It is said when a child is born, as babptism, the child most be held up in the rays of the sun as the sun rises in the east to gain the favor of the goddess.

Quote :
Sol Diadem:
Portfolio: Justice, honor
Holy symbol: Scales and balances held by a winged woman, twin of Helia Crowngold.
Favored Weapon: +8 Sun Sword (Light of Justice)
Credo: 'Law is the rule that governs the cosmos and the world, and Justice is the result of those rules manifested.'

The second of the twins that came forth only minutes after his sister, he is said to be garbed only in fine robes, and a bandage crossing his eyes, yet even with the bandage a strange light peers forth. In his right hand he holds a scale and balance known as law, and in his left a long sword, known as Justice. Sol Diadem as a greater god is recognized through out Chalice, and unlike his sister he commands a large clergy that spans the world. Many flock to his cause, being a god of justice, and many a paladin and cleric groups have risen to do battle in his name.

(Dm): Note these two gods are young to the world and universe springing forth fully from the slain body of the god of Justice Helios. The former god was slain during the Divine Fall war in the Epoch of Discovery. Each would gather their father's portfolios and more.

Quote :
Elbriani Greenstride:
Portfolio: nature, hunting
Holy symbol: a naked woman riding a unicorn through woods.
Favored Weapon: + 7 Bow of Archery (Hearth heart)
Credo: 'The wilds of the world are the well springs from which life forever flows.'

Elbriani Greenstride is the goddess of the earth and the forest. She is also the goddess of hearth and home. She is well known through the world of chalice, and revered by many ranger, fey like creature, druids and beings that love nature.

As the former consort of Helios she works closely with Faris Dawnmorn, knowing that the new goddess is the child of her beloved Helios. Elbriani is also known as the mistress of the hunt, and has been known to go hunting in the wilds with her enchanted bow that never misses known as hearth heart in search for good prey. Her clergy is spread though out the known world, and she is revered by the elves, which name her 'Mab Huwalki' the mother hunter.

Quote :
Portfolio: Evil, lies.
Holy symbol: Snakes moving in a circle in the middle a web with red eyes.
Favored Weapon: +8 Halbard of Wounding (Nightsender).
Credo: 'The only pure light is the darkeness of evil, and only if you give into the light will you see, oblivion.'

Talronan was once known as the god of luck. Yet with all his luck, he could not forstal the great change that would come over him once Io enemy of the gods bit him. It was shortly after the Morn war, that Talronan began to change and descend into the black pit of darkness.

His visage once beautiful and blessed began to take on a scaly texture, and his once jovial persona became dark, and violent, as Oruboris venom ate away all that was once good in the god.

Finally what was left was a reptilian creature, devoid of feelings, except hate, and the spreading of evil.

Now Talronan resembles a viper, with a tongue that drips venom of lies, and evil.

It is this gods mission in the world to sow evil; along with his halbard of darkness 'Nightsender' Talronan sweeps through Chalice in search of new disciples of darkness. As the greater god of evil, Talronan is the known to be the single greatest threat to Chalice, as his evil spreads and infects other to his cause. Many follow his ways, in secrete or in the open and wish to enjoy the kiss of sweet oblivion of evil.

Quote :
Portfolio: Magic, illusion.
Holy symbol: A magic wand that showers five swirling balls of magic.
Favored Weapon: Staff of Magi (Phoria's Favor).
Credo: 'Only through magic, and research will you attain the mastery of the unknown.'

Phoria sprang forth from the rivers of Eruii shattered divine essence. She is the incarnation of magic, and all those who wish to master magic or learn the secrete art pray to her for guidance.
Phoria tends to stay to herself, yet she enjoys creation of anything magical, and marvels at mortals who use her gifts to better the cause of magic.

Rarely does Phoria ever become involved in mortal affairs. Only During the Phoenix war as the Sorcerers of Kar'Magus, and the mage kings of Hysoril did the goddess attempt to intervene. It was her plan to give her avatar to the true believers of magic stopping the war, but to her dismay, she was found out by the mage kings of Hysoril, which prompted the secrete plan, to destroy her plans.

The plan failed, and the result the Phoenix her avatar was destroyed, and briefly, magic was destroyed in the world. From the skies fell the cities of Kar'Magus, . The continent of Hysoril sank creating the Shattered sea. Eruii the physical manifestation go Ysgadal took pity on the Godling, and reincarnated the goddess. Magic returned to the world through a net work of magical ley lines that would criss-cross the globe.

Phoria would never again let a war of such happen again since she would be the guardian of this new lattice of magic. Phoria is beloved by wizards of Chalice and her clergy is large perhaps the largest in the world due the great spread of wizards and mages that wander the world.

Quote :
Portfolio: Healing, safety.
Holy symbol: A hand radiating beams of light over a sickly child.
Favored weapon: +9 quarterstaff of healing (Healing heart)
Credo: 'Purity of the soul must come from the healing, and saftety of ones life.'

It is known when one is injured or sick, that they should seek the healing houses of Memshal the Goddess of healing.
Statues that adorn the Chapels of her clergy depict a young woman with flowing hair and, smooth skin with not a blemish upon her. She looks to be in perfect health, and seems to never age. This goddess has been known to heal the greatist heroes, to the lowliest common person. Her generosity is legendary, and her clerics, can be found everywhere throughout the land, laying her-healing touch upon those who need her most.

Memshal is known to have good relations with Gylen the swift and Helia Crowngold, and often aid each other when the cause is needed. Armed with her rod of healing, known as 'Blessed Safety' she endows all those who seek out health and safety.

Quote :
Portfolio: Death, discourse.
Holy symbol: A hand skeletal hand bursting forth from the ground.
Favored Weapon: + 9 Vorpal Scyth (Dark Descendance).
Credo: 'Death is simply the extention of life, and at the end there is another journey.'

While Memshal hopes to prelong life, the lord of the dead Charion is the final step of the stage. It is this god duty to pass judgement on a mortal's life and send them on their appropriate way to the afterlife may it be, either to the lower hells and Hades, or Avalon, the light of the Seven Heavens also known as the House of Eternal peace. Charion awaits the deceased upon his rowboat of forgotten souls, and awaits payment of some kind, once this tithe is paid; he rows the dead over the river Styx.
Spirits that happen to fall into the river are never heard of again, as the river absorbs their essence as well as memories.

Charion holds no pity, nor emotion as he descides to ferry those about. Most spirits try to flee when they see the God. Charion is often dressed in a frock of torn journey- mans clothing. He resembles a mortal, except for the skeletal visage, and hanging rotting flesh. His eyes burn with a slight yellow-red haze, and only flare to life in anger, if a soul tries to cheat his destiny. It is then that Charion wrath grows, at his hands appears 'Dark Decendance' his scyth, to impale those who would cheat their destiny. Charion cares little for the mortals; he passes judgement and sends them on their way. That is what he does, and he simply does it.

His clergy are considered fishers of lost spirits that have been chained to the mortal coil, and have not tranceded to his ferry. Often then will seek out undead and phantoms to lay them to rest, and send them upon their path to be ferried by their god.
Quote :
Nieblung Krag:
Portfolio: Smithing, creation
Holy symbol: Man holding in his two hands the races of the world.
Favored Weapon: Hammer of thunderbolt (Creator's Breath)
Credo: 'Through creation can one find happiness and fortune.'

He is considered the greatest of the gods by Dwarven standards. It is through this god's hammer that the prime races of Chalice were created, with the help of his son Vesuvian. The Dwarves revere him as their creator god and call him the king of the undermount, while human craftsman revere his son Vesuvian, the forger.

He is known as the craftsman, and the metal forger, the seeker of gems and the shaper of jewels. Krag is often depicted as a dwarf with a fiery red beard, and garbed in golden dwarven chainmail and skullcap. At his sides are his tongues of pure mythril, and his hammer 'Creator's Breath' which gives life to anything he creates. It is said along with his sons Frohelm and Vesuvian, in their forge they are surronded by constructs that create all types of weapons items and armor. Krag is the forger of the gods and strong in the calling. Even though he is short, he is the consort of the love goddess Silani Althan. It is said she is the only one that can cool his ire when angered. During the Divine fall, the mortal known as Saladin the Reaver, with a divine fall weapon, wounded Krag. The Forger survived, yet was wounded, and his son Frohelm, and the dwarves brought him back to health.

Dwarves revere the forger, and many clerics have risen from his example. This is why the Nieblung dwarves are known through out the land as greatest smiths, and crafteres.

Quote :
Selanor Saeldrin:
Portfolio: Nature, home
Holy symbol: A dove within a circle of leaves
Favored Weapon: +11 sickle of haste, (Nature's watcher)
Credo: 'the wood is the foundation of the timber of the home.'

Selanor Sealdrin is the Elven diety of the home and nature. She shares much in common with Elbriani, and many believe her to be the same god in essence. If this is true, it has yet to be seen. Selanor Saeldrin is one with nature and is known as the wood mother. She isen skin, and dark long hair. She wears a frock of woodland leaves, and usually rides the Stallion Everion, the king of the unicorns. At her feet dance many of her fey subjects as she make her way through the wood.

The Elf queen as she is also known is quick witted and jovial, and enjoys a good laugh. Any that threaten her forest come in heated conflict with the majesty of the glades.
said to make court within the fallows of the great forest, along with her fairy kingdom. The Elves worships her dearly, since it is she that bless their home and the woods they care for.

Selanor is said to resemble an elf of pure forest gre
She is known to work with the rest of the gods when matters of urgency arise, and she is known to be the friend of Elbriani.
Quote :
Silani Althan:
Portfolio: love, affection, lust and moon.
Holy symbol: Two lovers intertwined yet facing opposite directions
Favored Weapon: +8 dagger of everstrike. (Silent touch)
Credo: 'love is all encomapassing, it can be soft, but has a edge as sharp as any blade'

The goddess of love has beguiled many. She is indeed the very aspect of love, affection. Often she is depicted as a small, yet roubust women, with silken blond hair, thick red lips and a full waist. She has been known to bring men and women to the point of ecstacy, and even gods to the there feet. The elves call her Lumineen, and hold her high in regard, for she is the goddess of the moon and the stars they revere. Silani Althan has had many lovers and consorts in her long history, and many flock to her clergy.
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The Imortalis Gods of Chalice
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