Guild Runners is a group interested in Talking about RPG in general. This includes D&D, Pathfinder, Thaco, The Grand Realm and Warmantle.
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PostSubject: Introduction   Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:47 pm

'Hail and well met'¦ once more we gather around the table to tell tales and bring forth images of adventure, joy, and companionship.
Isn't this the reason why we all play role-playing games; to sift through our dreams and make real what is not? As well as to leave the stress of every day life for a brief moment, and become something greater.
As children we pretend, and as we age our imaginations dim as life spreads before us. Others tell us to leave the trappings of the child behind; to seek out what reality has to offer thus leaving the world of dream and fantasy behind.
I believe what was once can be again. What can be lost can be found. The inner child in all of us tries to break the shackles of reality, and bring forth play and laughter.
I can find no better medium than role-playing games. Here you are the hero, or villain. You are the one who must choose the course of your character destiny.
The mind is a powerful world; a world that must have dreams and visions.
The Grand Realm is the book you hold in your hands, I hope is that key, the flying carpet that will speed you home to the child like imagination you might have lost and yearn for.
So my friends when you open the book and gaze upon the pages of mythic lore know that we are all kindred spirits, and like children with a new toy'¦ we smile.'
Adrian Garcia

'The world of Chalice is a large place my friends; A world ripe with adventure, conflict and joy. At every corner, may be a blade at your back, or a hand holding aloft a flagon of ale while sharing a minstrel's tale.
Chalice a world, like no other where noble heroes and dark villains struggle to determine the fate of the world. Chalice is a world of vast beauty, and ugliness.
It is here you will find deep in the mountains the hum of Dwarven hammers that smack against stone; or the fey songs of the Elves of Florian.
Here you will find twisted mockeries of Halfings long tainted by cruel magic, or goblins granted the intelligence of the race of man, making them a greater threat to all that is good.
Yes my friends beware, and be joyful for the wonders of Chalice are many, and the rewards great.'
Elathaan Belafor, Master Herald
Anem 1445, Epoch of discovery

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