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Brindella Hawkmoon raced down the street of Penticost, and swerved by several merchants that had begun the set up shop in the market. The elf, had waited weeks for one particular merchant to come with the recent caravan. In her hand she could feel the touch of three silver hawks which would buy the book she had so waited for months to finally read. With her elven eyesight she quickly spotted the wagon and the fat l the merchant. Sodly snickered. "Of course lass I told you I would get it for you while I was in Illumin, here it is." He handed her the fine book, with a burgandy cover that felt like lizards skin.

"Yes Finally I get a chance to find out what happens." She lifted the book up and smiled. "My thanks Sodly" she paid the man her three hawks, and was on her way in a flash. She couldn't wait, she had to get home quickly, for like all the rest of the books, the adventures of War Mantle, was the only set of books she really loved.

Quote :
is said that in the beginning there were the gods; they were known as light (Illistris), Darkness (Anuiver) and Matter (Eruii). From these basic elements would spring forth form the world. This world was named, Charrkram since it was round and symbolized balance. These beings saw what they had created and were pleased with there accomplishments. From there joining had come a prosperous world that would be the home for their greatest creations yet to come.

In council they discussed how to go about breathing life into this new untamed world. The Gods smiled as the answer came forth. They would fashion five rings based on the vary elements they themselves they had forged with the creation of the world. Of the five rings, they birthed Air'¦Fire'¦Water'¦Earth and Spirit, which would usher forth the beings that would come to inherit the world.

Yet the gods worried and wondered if their creations were ready to inherit their gift. So they crafted twenty beings of power, and blessed them with immortality. The gods whispered to them in their dreams that they would watch over their children and this would be their task.

Thus the gods bade their fist children the immortals to witness their greatest creations. From the sea foam of Charrkram came the Eladrin and the Elven host. They would later become the very first of the Servitor races. From the very stone mountains awoke the second of the races and the Dwarvan hammers beat their anvils for the first time. From the fires of Earth came the third race, the humans that came forth and populated the world. Of the element of Air, Tooks(Halflings), and Gnomish folk lent their laughter to the winds. Of the Spirit came the Illuminar, the heavenly host, and their trumpets resounded across the heavens.

When the gods saw what they had wrought they were pleased. Thus they bid the immortals to go forth and give the plentiful races of the world their gifts.

To the Eladrin, and Elves, they blessed them with long life, for they would never wither or die except from the wraith of war or blade.

To the Dwarvan they gave them the love of smiting the wonders of the earth and shaping of tools, metal and gems.

To the humans they gave the gift of mortality for the fire of their heart burned bright and often burned out like the shimmering stars of the sky.

To the Tooks and Gnomes they were granted the wanderlust of adventure and the inquisitiveness of invention.

To the Illuminar they gave the power of flight, so that the sky would resound with their voice and songs.

The gods thought this was well, and tired from their chores they wished to rest. They bid the Immortals to take care of their children and they slept. But the god did not know that jealously had crept into the heart of their servants.

The Immortals wondered why they had not been given such gifts.
Were they not greater in stature than the other races?

Yet they could not fathom why the gods had done so. So as the gods slept, the Immortals stole the elemental rings, and in the envy and greed they enslaved the races. They came upon the Illuminar and Eladrin and cast them as slaves, as they had the Dwarvan. The Dwarvan were made to craft the metals and riches. Of the Tooks and Gnomes they used as sport and for jest, for the Immortals had no fear of them. Of the race of fire the Immortals feared the human first. Human beings made of fire could not have their spirit quenched no matter how hard they tried to enslave them.

It would be the humans that would seek to find a way to shatter their shackles. They had learned to master the metals of the earth, and travel the seas. They forged cold-iron that could steal the life of immortality, the only weakness of the immortals. Thus the Immortals hated men the most. That fear would be the immortals doom, for it would be man that would call back the gods'¦.

As if coming out of a dream the gods slowly awoke, and they could here the cries of the enslaved upon Charrkram, and at once the sleeping god knew all was not right upon the world. In Anguish they cried as they saw the horror of what had befallen their children and quickly went about rectifying it. But the gods had infused most of their power within the five rings and Charrkram their power spent from crafting. So they went forth and endowed power to those who would lead there people against the Immortals that and grown fat off their power. These mighty beings that would bring war to their captors were known as the Heralds, and they would usher in the Reckoning War

The Reckoning War

The war would last hundreds of years. Yet the heralds fought on, until they were betrayed by one of their own.

To those who knew of him his name was Faustus'¦

The Immortal Sharis queen of night and shadows seduced the powerful Herald of force and Faustus downfall spiraled him into darkness. Even though Sharis had found her champion in her tainting of Faustus the end of the Immortals could not be forestalled, for only seven Immortals existed and those who survived the wars went into hiding. Nor could she have fathomed that her own evil would prove the unraveling of her plans as Faustus in secret stole the five rings.

It was only after his betrayal that his fellow heralds came forth to smite him down, and put right the evil deed that had been done. Thus the Herald War began, and the sundering of the five rings would shatter the world forever. The Eladrin were the first to fall prey to the Herald of darkness. Faustus seduced the Eladrin with security and safety against the alliance of the other races. This would be known as the tears of the Eladrin.

At this turning the armies of the good heralds could not be defeated. Led by the herald of strength Sol Diadem the armies went forth and did battle beating Faustus forces back. The Armies of Diadem would have destroyed the betrayer, yet Faustus had one more trick.

Hoisting up the connected, he sundered them into five separate pieces. It was then the Eladrin saw that they had been tricked and the end of the world was nigh. From the very spot the five rings shattered water rushed forth and spires erupted from the ground spewing forth great gouts of lava and steam.

A great upheaval occurred destroying the land and replacing it with what is called the inner ocean of the Three Kings. Of the Elves most perished in the sundering of the rings. The other races escaped from their destructions. Of Faustus it is said the herald escaped his fate. Of the Eladrin it is said they are cursed and forsaken, and sleep underneath the waves of the three kings. Of the Dwarvan it is said they kept the ring of earth and went hence to their dwarf mansion of Terrguard.

Of the Tooks and Gnomes they live as they always have with the spirit joy deep in their hearts. As for man it is said he became master of Charrkram and it is he who is destined to destroy it or save it.

And of Faustus it is said that those who listen can still hear his voice on the wind and tells of his return.
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