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 Themes of DungeonBorn-Falconeer

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PostSubject: Themes of DungeonBorn-Falconeer   Tue Sep 29, 2015 4:13 am

Level 3
Prequiste class: Rogue, Bard, Ranger, Fighter
Falconer use their Agility bonus to attacks.
Falconer Special SFX Actions
You can replace anycool downwhich is at will or encounter.

Falconer's Rush
At 3rd level As a move action, a Runner class with the template of Falconer, can move his full movement, and execute a leaping basic attack.  The target being attack can take one free attack action.  
Cooldown: Encounter
Attack: Pow vs DAC
Action: Standard

Diving Strike
At 6th Level, as a standard action a Falconer can leap down upon a unaware enemy with accuracy.  If the Runner is a rouge an gain combat advantage against the target, the rouge can use his or her back stab
Cooldown: Encounter
Attack: Weapon+(Dex def)
Damage: 2d6+(Agility bon)

Falcon escape
At 9th level a Falconer can attack a target with his or her her basic attack, and then leap away up to his agility bonus in feet away with out granting combat advantage
Cool down-Combat Encounter
Attack:Weapon vs Dac
Damage: Weapon + (Agility Bonus)
Action: Standard

Richochet Shot
At 12th Level a Falconer using a short range missile weapon, on a successful attack can bounce the shot off the main target into a target next to him.

Quote :
Note you replace, your class SFX actions with the actions of the theme you pick.
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Themes of DungeonBorn-Falconeer
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