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 The Lay of Ellwithin

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PostSubject: The Lay of Ellwithin   Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:14 am

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The Lay of Ellwithin

Great was the host of elves, men, and Ffolk from throughout the lands when the horns and banners of the blue fist was raised, and the harkening of the Tueldo lady Risvani and her husband of the many blades Kyserious, who took her name Ellwithin as his own.

Glad tidings and song were sung and spoken, of the lady Risvani and the lands under her protection, given with much love and honor by the Imortalis goddess Phoria. In veil of risen moonlight of Althani, Risvani was beholden to the dreams of the queen of magic, to seek the silver road and glistening paths to the kingdom newly fashioned in her sight.

Now Risvani was a Tueldo of much import and stature being both adventurer and hero. Hither did she go to her husband, the woodsman and dark haired elf Kyserious and in committee of like minds, they came to consensus, that the will of Phoria would be heeded.
In great happiness and tidings they went forth and spoke to their other kinsmen who had made fast friends and shared in their life, and they were received with great sadness of their leaving and happiness for their travel.

On the eve of their journey the wizards known as Sindo Landranis, came to them, for his might in the craft was great as his love for the Tueldo and magic. In the Kings tongue his name was Ignatius Stormlord, and he was the chief master of baulders burg.
The elf’s song lifted at his sight and the birds of the forest sang there melodies at his coming.  The Stormlord brought forth a thing of wonder. Held in his hand was a sliver of crystal, which gleamed in the elfish lights. Thus the Tueldo were enraptured by the gift of Phoria, and Cryderierond the crystal key.

The Stormlord lifted his voice and it's very sound was like the angry waves of the sea and he said,”Harken and hear me great Tueldo. Thy have suffered great evil of unjust want upon your persons. I have been commanded by the powers of the Imortalis, to grant you a gift which will uplift your sorrows. Where upon the lake of Isilsheen there thou shall find a small isle, made ready for you. Here shall begin your steward ship of the lands, and your kingdom unto your final days. Toss yon crystal upon the earth sanctified by the Imortalis and your lordship shall be granted.”

Risvani and Kyserious being lord and lady of the forest, and having the lordship of a small number of Tueldo reach forth and grasp the crystal key, which hummed with holy light, for the light snatched their hearts.  Song and praise filled the night, at this news and the board was filled with nourishment and friendship. Great was the music of the moon wood and revelry until the rays of Surt, came hither from the east.
Upon the dawn as did the elf lords of old, the banners and horns blared across the land proclaiming new elf lords who walked forth. From the east came great riders of the Vashue who forsook their home in ways of friendship for they were brave Aesir and had made pact of friendship with the lords Ellwithin.
Then the great train walked the land, and dwarves came forth singing their songs and hoisting foaming mugs, and took’s followed singing songs of long ago and future, from the west, joined with great bearing where the Roardrimm whose cries harkened the coming and Anuvial'anlie, and more came as the host walked the lands of the lion, and by the river Groudalian, they were met by the high king and lord of all guards of the van. Great was his bearing for he was son of Erien, and Kenneth before that, and he had the majesty of lions. And they sat and spoke of things, and not since the times if Isildrea and Almendros had there been so many great lords.

For a ten day they feasted, and glad tidings were many. In gift the king brought forth seven great sapling, and made proclamations.

"Great is your host, and the nobility of your bearing, hither I give you the seven seed of Alcamaion the great tree of my lands, so that they bare you great comfort and joy anon.” and the great host know through its famed called the Ellwithin cried out Anuvial'anlie, the lords have come... in great joy Risvani and Kyserious took the sapling, and in concert spoke, for their love was great and their mind linked like the Tueldo of old.

"Yea, high king of the guarded lions, great is this gift for the Tueldo love the trees and earth best and none can ever take such joy from our hearts. From our realm shall be a league of Tueldo and Aesir as there was when the world was young." And the high king cried Anuvial’anlie!  His heart was gladden and ever was he friend to Tueldo as the kings of old. Thus when the revelry was but done, a new wonder arose from the west bearing, the blue colors of Tor’Palantier, home of the horse lords of Equas.  

Wystrum Acavalthos set forth with great haste and calvary, before they had set forth upon.the wide road. It is how great lord Wystrum became warden of the Ellwithin, for his love of Risvani and Kyserious was great.  Yet the mighty lord of horse, was not alone, for in the van came the prince of the seas and high waves.  Lord Fin had come forth upon the tides, and with great love spoke in song, as was his way.  

“Thus I have found you friends of my heart, and thus I shall travel with you as we did in time of old, and adventures left untold.”  Thus was the fellowship great and swelled with likely allies and companions.  “Hold mighty Tueldo, for you shall not leave me in your wake.”  Another voice joined the chorus of friendship.  Both Risvani and Kyserious gasped for their friend of old Nycronis Naelis had returned to them hale and hearty.  Of Nycronis Naelis, his story is ever told by bards and minstrels but not in the lay of Denuvuial. Yet the lord regent of Lyoness’Tintangel, had come in the vestment of his power and offered added, as he had years gone by.

Heart close to breaking, Risvani and Kyserious, accepted the might of the sealord, and added to their strength.  Now the host of the Ellwithin having started small had swelled, for runners, freebooters and adventures joined their band. Once more the horns harkened, and leaving the lord most high, they walked the trails into the forest of the Aerborriddium, and the stone kings beyond.

Let it be known though, the horns of the Ellwithin were mighty in proclamation and not only sounded upon the firmament, but the heavens above.  One such lord heard the sounds of the Tueldo marching, and his heart was filled with the heat of hate.  Ravenous the lord of wild beasts and untamed savagery, bent his mind to the hurts and destruction of his most hated enemies.  Ever was the wild huntsman master of slaying elves, man, and the Ffolk of the world.  From his throne beneath the swampy regions of the hells, he left the twin guardians of his seat the wyrms, Hegrafax, and Verithax, to their play, and descended deep in the abyssal maw to hold consul with one as foul as he.

The beast god, found the lord he sought, haughty and in the mastery of his realm.  There upon his high throne, sat the daemon, Halthrax the deceiver, and once great master of men and elves, but in his want of gild, he was cast down and branded fell friend and Maelween, for it is the greatest punishment of the Tueldo.

Now Ravenous stood high on his strength, for he had come running in his beast form, with fire spewing from his maw, and the jaws of iron about his teeth, and Halthrax bowed to his command like no other.

Ravenous his voice hot wind, his malice unquenched, spoke with great hate to his thrall, and cried! “I have come to thee Halthrax, for you have no love of the Tueldo, since you are fell friend and outcast.  We are of like mind, and seek to bend the will of those loved by the Imortalis and proud.  Thus thou shall be my weapon against my enemy.  Break the fastness of the firmament and let loss the worms of the world, and make death and disorder your blades.  Crush this host of old, so that the words of Anuvial’anlie are buried and heard no more.  Thus I task you with the destruction of the elves!”  

Halthrax in gleeful response cried aloud.” O master of wickedness ye have come to me to unveil the wounds of my heart, and beat with the breaking of those who imprisoned me thus at the end of the war of dawn.  By your leave I shall take iron sword to slay them, and make them unto unlife, and I shall use the whips of fire and smoke to bind there soul to the firmament where they shall never see the distant stars or home of the Imortalis.  To this I shall do your bidding! With the great wings upon my back I shall fly hither, and with cloven foot, crack the earth, and let lose all the foul things of your power.  My horn shall call forth the Ork, who were made to slay Tueldo, and I shall whip the Powerie, hateful beings of fae life, and blood shall stain the Isilsheen road and realm.

Ravenous in his mirth laughed, as Halthrax ascended to the realm above.  It was as Halthrax had said and Ravenous had commanded, the holes of the earth were upended, and out forth poured the worms of the earth, with Halthrax in the lead.  A horde most foul awakened from the great stone mountains known as the Pillars of doom, and other foul creatures heard the black horn of Halthrax the deceiver, and marched onward and south.

Now the elves of the Ellwithin, along with the Ffolk of Aersildrim hurried from the mountain coming upon the river of silver, and for the first time they beheld the lands, simply known as the Silverlode.  There was great joy once more, as they came upon their home.  
The host passed through gap of Relador and continued to the shores of the great body of water, more ocean than lake, and it was there they saw the fires of Halthrax’s horde await them.

Of all the tales told by the Tueldo, none can describe the battle known as Halthrax for it was a battle of powers test of the fellowship and strength was put to the test.  Risvani and Kyserious were mighty in arms, as well as spell, for the lady blue held the power of Phoria at her beck and call, while the ranger of the wood, was ever a friend to Covanian lord of the wisdom, and at his side were the blade Dargrist, and Solgrist, but also known as hide and seek.  The host were mighty at arms, magical and mundane, and they wrestled with the orks and poweries of the world, spilling the blood of their enemies.  

It was Kyserious who had the mastery of the ork lord Vangril Grel, as they plied sword against sword. Yet the elf cried Anuvial’anlie, and hewed the beast down with darkeness of magic and burnt his evil flesh with light.  Thus was the great captain of orks vanquished, and his kin turned to fear, for in their terror the horse of the chevalier of Equas road them down, and splintered there ruined mail, and bones.  

So it was thus that the lord of poweries, Angrik’grickan battled Wystum and Fin upon the shores of silver, only to die with dagger and great sword cleaving his body.  Many powries died that day, in circle about their lord, for Wystrum and Fins blade where quick and sure.  
Of Nycronis Naelis, it is said that his wraith was greater than the gods and from his hands came the swift death.  Yet Halthrax, had summoned forth a power rarely seen.  Dark was it drenched in the shadow of magic, and Nycronis knew his foe.  Before the wizard was a scion of Salamaster the lord of Shadows, and hated foe, and it was told that the battle between the two rent the world, and cast them hither into the unknown as they struggled for victory.
As the foes of the Ellwithin perished, horns sounded to the east, and the foes of the Tueldo turned to see a great host of mithril and leafweave clad warriors springing forward upon steeds of white.

A great cry went forth, as the white foamed elf steed through magic of the Imortalis rode upon the waves of silver.

At the point of the spear, was a warrior so bright orks fill to their knees in horror. The figure held aloft a blade of quickened steel.  The words went forth across the horde that the Strider had come and his terrible blade Kaerthyrian followed.

There was great cry of elves and Ffolk as the Tueldo of Celo’s Anuvial swept forth along with their mighty captain and king, for the high lord of elves road with the Tuatha Ranger Strider.  Valkuir Vandalore was bright in his golden mail and red angry sword, as the kins man set to grisly work, and hewed down the horde army like wheat.

The monsters having enough, fled against the might of the Tuel, and the great cry of victory rode the air.

Risvani heard none of it.

Her mace forged from mithril in the form of a cat’s head, danced against the weapons of iron and fire.

There they danced upon the water held aloft by the magic or divinity and devilry.  Great was the contest as both tried to gain the mastery of each other.  The host watched in awe as they traded blow, ushering forth sparks of light and fire.  Yet Risvani was sore from, hurts of the iron sword and fiery whip of the daemon.

It was then Risvani found the power of ancient times, and lifted up her arm, of solid metal, and called down the power of her goddess.
It is told that lightening clap left nothing of Halthrax, as a pillar of lightening smote the daemon.  So great was the power of the stroke, that those who stood fell prone.

At the last for the horde of Halthrax was ended.

The horde bested, the host of the Ellwithin cried out Anuvial’anlie, and they rested from their hurts amongst the shores of silver.  

It was thus all who had taken grievous wounds were healed by the word and power of Memshal the lady of healing.  For a number of days the high king and strider stood with their kin the Tueldo of Ellwithin, and made contribution, for now the lands of silver where aborn of elves.  When all hurts were healed, Risvani and Kyserious came forth in raiment of old proclaiming their lordship of this land.  They held aloft the gift of Phoria and cast it across the lake into the deeps of the waters.  

It was then the waters parted and land came fully formed, with earth and tree, with towers and pennants newly wrought, and there was a power that came forth unlike the any had seen, for a great glamour gleamed about the land, and the great city that was forged there.
It was then that Risvani and Kyserious entered Celo’Denuvial and proclaimed the lady and lord of Silver. And the Tueldo, the Aesier, and Ffolk cried out!


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The Lay of Ellwithin
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