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 Races of The Grand Realm Dungeonborn

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PostSubject: Races of The Grand Realm Dungeonborn   Tue Sep 15, 2015 12:39 pm

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Legend say the Auldigier were the builders of the heavens, and many of the legendary structures, which arose during the morn age. Few truely know who created them, some speculate that the imortalis gods, and the abad'jagad had a hand in their creation. When the Morn war broke out amongest the cosmos, the Auldigier remained nuetral for the most part. The few that wished to take part in the epic war, sided with the beings of chaos, the abad'jagad the old ones.

The Imortalis gods would eventually claim victory, and those who fought with the elder lords, where cursed. The Auldigier were no exception. Their fall from grace shattered their beauty, and their ability to craft, and replaced it with destruction and malice, their beauty now evil, their name would forever be changed and warped to what it is today, Ogres. Those Auldigier who did not take part in the Morn War were granted a stay and kept who their original form since they where truely loved by the gods.

The Auldigier where known as the shepards, and where allowed by gods to dwell in the Feydawn, and it was here they built great wonders and bastions of beauty. Their halls sing with music leaning and great joy. Ages later the Auldigier still remain, except the young who are struck with wonder lust, and often travel the Astral Dominions, in search of adventure and knowledge.

The Auldigier especially love the Mortal Sphere, known as Chalice, for they find a rare peace amongest the great spirit of the world. Those who claim Chalice as home, create beautiful bastions deep below the crust, carved of greenery, and life.

The Auldigier is a Playable race in DunegonBorn. Below are a preview of the race...enjoy...
Average Height: 7’0
Average Weight: 200
Size: large
Move:20ft (4 sq)
Vision: 30 ft (5sq) Darkvision (6 sq)
Deep Sight: Auldigier can see up to 6 sq with little or no light, in underground settings.
Languages: Any
+2 (Intellect)
-1 (Authority)
Racial Abilities 
Builder Mastery
You gain accuracy-in weaponsmithing, knowledge architecture and building construction 
Strength of being.
At 2nd level an Auldigier make all fortitude saves with accuracy.
Chamelion cloak.
At 4th level Auldigier gains accuracy to stealth when blending into certain enviorments such stone and marble.
Great weapon power
At 6th level All weapons in your hand are considered one step high when concerning damage
Builder Resolution.
At 8th level When at risk, you gain temporary hit points up to out fort bonus
Luck of the Strike.
10th level When you make your first attack roll if you fail to hit roll to confirm, if the second roll is a sucess keep the second roll
Builder Cunning
At 12th level Auldigier gain accuracy when dealing with stone masonery, traps, secret doors, and uneven surface which betstows inaccuracy.
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Races of The Grand Realm Dungeonborn
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