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 Classes of DunegonBorn

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PostSubject: Classes of DunegonBorn   Mon Sep 14, 2015 3:55 pm

Classes of DungeonBorn: The Chevilar
By R.R.Ryder
Quote :
This is my first pass at the Cavalier, went with the more french sounding version. This is my attempt to make them more useful than only mounted warriors and to diversify them between paladins and fighters. My logic was to make them land chargers, like their on horse counterparts. They are heavy foot Calvary, that bust up large groups or, lay low individual targets

PEL: Per Even Level
POL:Per Odd Level
BAT:Base Attack Bonus
SFX: Special Effects Actions
Quote :
“Your, enemies scatter as you charge into the fray.”
Hit Points:1d12+Fortitude Bonus
Damage Points:1d12+6
+2 to Fortitude
Key Abilities: Reflex, Fortitude
Armor Proficiencies: Leather Armor, Chainmail, Scale Armor, Plate Armor; Light Shield, Heavy Shield
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple Melee, Military Melee, Military Ranged
Chevilar Class features
Stampede Knock Back, Sliding Knockout, Boon of Adventure, Stampeding Strike
Blistering Stampede, Greater Stampeding knock back, Chaining Charge, Grounding Assault, Rebounding Stampede, Summon Wind Lance , Lightening Lance , Basic Attack , Ricocheted Stampede
Chevilar Feats
pel, the chevilar gains feats every even level

Basic Attack Action
Basic Attack
At first level a Chevilar can use any type of weapon as his or her basic attack

SFX Action
Summon Wind Lance

At first level as a swift at will action when a Chevilar stampedes, a long cone of air encircles his or her blade and does the damage of a lance. Any martial weapon does damage one step higher than normal

Basic Equipment.
Every Chevilar has at least one of these types of items

Stampede Knock Back
At first level when a Chevilar charges, a target on a successful strike is knocked back up to the Chevilar Pow bonus.

Sliding Knockout
At 3rd level on critical hit a Chevilar can slide a target up to his Pow bonus away.

Boon of Adventure
At 4th level a Chevilar gains his 4th level boon, increasing two of his ability scores, increasing his or her DP, and increasing talents and BAT by 1

Stampeding Strike
At 5th level on a charge once per combat a Chevilar on a critical can store all the charge into his strike. His attack does 3WD poijnts of damage. Pow vs Ac

Blistering Stampede
At 6th level when a Chevilar charges a target, his strike gains 1d6 fire damage.

Greater Stampeding knock back
At 7th level a Chevilar stampede, knock back a group up to his Pow bonus+1 Pel

Chaining Charge
At 8th level On a Successful Charge attack, your target is rooted to the spot, and cannot move from his location.

Grounding Assault
At 9th level a Chevilar as he charges makes the ground rumble, all targets in line of his charge as knocked prone, and must make a breaker in order to stand the following round.

Rebounding Stampede
At 10th level when a Chevilar Stampedes he gains a protective aura. Any target that successfully strike the Chevilar take take the Chevilar's Fort bonus+1 Pel point of damage back.

Lightening Lance
At 11th level one per combat encounter, you weapon gains the ability of lightening lance. You weapon damage raises one step and you do lightening damage of your Pow Bonus+1pel

Richoete Stampede
At 12th level a Chevilar once per combat encounter can richocet of a target on a success full attack, and target another. The prime target takes full damage if successful, and the secondary target take half damage if successful.
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Classes of DunegonBorn
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